Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Heavy Object Project Critique

  • Spend too much time on set up
  • the box pat needs clarification
  • Little time on ending (needs more time focused on this)
    • ending is just as important (if not more important) than the beginning
  • Needs more secondary action
    • especially when the box is falling
  •  tremble of legs are effective
  • box arching down is good
  • action lines are unnecessary in the beginning, but are very effective in the ending
  • when hands pat on box, have the hand bounce back
  • Box moves out of hands too smoothly
    • box should twist back and turn
  • Need to see the impact of the fall
    • more drawings at the end
  • Arms shake more when box is lifted up
  • perspective of box is well done


  1. Dope You added everything I had a problem with. I'd color it and drop in in your demo reel.

  2. Love your characters emotion. It is a good idea to have your character pause before lifting the box. The ending is very funny.

  3. The improvements are very evident between the first and final version. Everything from the initial lift, to the anticipation, to the fall looks fluid and flows correctly. And the expressions are hilarious.

  4. I really like this animation. The story told through it is very funny and clear! Your craftsmanship on this is really nice! The character looks on model and the line are clean! Overall Really Good Job! :-D

  5. Great improvement. The struggle moments are very well done and its hilarious.

  6. The facial expressions are really nice in this, and the struggle shows well. What doesn't register to me is the part where the character flails before falling over: the box is slowly slipping, but it doesn't follow the characters hands or body movements as it falls, like it's on a separate plane.

  7. The second lift animation shows great improvement gives the character more personality and clarifies the true weight of the box. I love the facial expressions of your character in both animations