Thursday, February 12, 2015

Making of Little Witch Academia Response

General Experiences (Experiences you've experienced):

  • Think you got it right, but someone points out the flaws
    • gotta make those revisions
  • Realization that it could be better, but you have more work
    • the feeling of anguish
      • the feeling that you aren't doing anything right
  • position and perspective being off
  • continuation errors
  • critique and feedback
  • viewing the finished product as if it was worth while

New Experiences (Things to think about):

  • Sharing the same work space (can't work at home)
  • Animators fix their own issue
    • work as a group
    • gotta do everything
  • camera plots! (actually, this is a newly learned skill from another class, but it's cool seeing it being applied to animation)
  • photograph scenery to get a better grasp of composition
  • show layouts to show movement
  • finish early, help your team members out
  • storyboard transfer to animation (hard to translate)
  • traditional animation trick
    • if spacing is off, cut the upper portion with a clean swipe and move it. Then tape the top
  • finding actors (qualifications and such)

Technique/Process (stages of process):

  • Draw on storyboard for the flow of story
    • See the actual flow instead of on separate people
  • Go towards everyone's strength
  • Poster paint 
    • painting an environment scene with common items 
  • Firm grasp of position to make it believable
  • Not everything will follow the schedules
  • Background fully done, but animations not colored, they're colored in white to see the motion
  • Inbetween checker!
    • make sure not to miss anything
  • Never see it until it's processed
  • This process involved the audio being done after the animation has been worked on.