Saturday, February 7, 2015

Impact Project

This exercise was difficult to come up with. I had all these ideas, but none of them really appealed to me. It wasn't until I physically interacted with the objects that I came up with a young boy sweeping in a shop. 

So we took reference footage in class, but I also took some reference footage of my own at home with the extreme angle at the beginning of the video. 

The main issues that I had working on this project would include:
  • Staying on model (especially with the broom)
  • Secondary motion
  • Balance in the character (I'm pretty sure there are times when he should've fallen over)
But I got a chance to play around with the inbetweens. 


  1. I like your decision to tell a story. I also like your shots. I feel it might have taken away from what you could have done with the the impact. It would be nice to see a bunch of particles and items flurrying in the breeze.

  2. The sweeping motion is very good. The constant change of the camera on the character confess me a little. Especially, the first and second camera view. During that time, the character is facing a different direction then before.

  3. The animation is fluid and the camera shots are spot on. But I don't really know where the impact is supposed to be. Is it supposed to be the broom? If so, the broom doesn't have enough "bounce." Like, when a broom falls, the weight is all the handle. The bristles will hit the floor with a small bounce but the pole will have a bigger bounce due to the difference in weight.

  4. This animation is very cute!:-) I would suggest to clean it up a little more. Little erasing parts that overlap, coloring in the character a little more consistently etc. But other than that I think this animation was very successful!

  5. This animation is really nice. I like the reaction and sweeping motions.

  6. I like the storytelling and the perspective in this. The buildup to the impact was really good, but it felt like the broom didn't have much impact on what it was sweeping up, like it just swept the air and not the trash on the floor.

  7. I love your use of cinematography in this animation i feel that it helps the storytelling throughout the animation. Your use of secondary animation is great as well although the impact of trash and the broom and the broom hitting the ground could been more exaggerated.