Saturday, February 14, 2015

Outline of "Kara"

ACT 1: (25% of your film's runtime)
Who is(are) the protagonist(s)? Kara (KPC897504C)
What is the setting of the film? Futuristic, some sort of factory
How does the film begin? Begins by assembling this android and making sure the android works properly (she’s being asked questions as she’s being assembled, so the viewer knows what she’s meant for as well as the man speaking knows that she’s functioning properly)
What is the inciting incident? (What triggers the main plot of the story?  What is the protagonist looking for?) That this machine is “alive” - she’s talking and speaking.
What is the major first plot point that moves the story into act II? “Do you want to give me a name?” It’s a starting point to get to know Kara on a more intimate level. Also, her facial expression on getting a name shows that she’s more than just a robot.
ACT 2: (50% of your film's runtime)
What setbacks does the protagonist face in Act II? Kara wonders what’s going to happen to her and discovers that she’s going to be merchandise.
How does the protagonist deal with those major plot points? She thought and expresses what she thought (that she was alive).
What is the second major plot point that finally kicks the protagonist's butt in gear? What is the jumping off point for Act 3? The guy is in disbelief as he hears that Kara had thought. You can hear the guy is trying to figure out what’s wrong with Kara as it wasn’t “part of the protocol"
ACT 3: (25% of your film's runtime)
What is the climax of the film? Does the protagonist get what is wanted, what is needed, or something else entirely? Climax of film is when Kara is getting disassembled as she’s thought to be a defective model.
In the Denouement, how does the film relax itself back to a state of equilibrium? How is everything resolved? After she cries out that she’s scared, she gets reassembled.
How does the film end? She goes out to be shipped as merchandise (and sees multiples of her as she leaves)

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